Friday, April 18, 2014

Fake Beats, Where To Buy? Worth Buying?

Where To Buy Superb Fake Beats Headphones

No matter for what reason you want to buy a fake Moster Beats headphone, the first & most important thing is to figure out where to buy. Fake doesn't always equal to "cheap" + "bad". It sometimes can be "cheap" + "decent". The key is to find out the best seller selling the best items. 

I am a big fan of headphones and I've spent a lot of money & time in them, both real and fake(check bleow pic for my huge collections). In my experience, THIS SITE is the best one regarding fake beats. I bought monster heaphones there that look the same, sound the same, feel the same, some even have better bass but with much much lower prices! You can click here to have a look.

picture of fake beat collections

Nevertheless, if you want to stick to the real ones, following are some useful tips to spot fake beats.

Fake Beats VS Real Bets

Check The Prices

The price is the most obvious tag to detect fake beats. The original monster beats headphones are usually $150 or higher (I personally don't think the worth that high. What do you think?) while the fake ones are usually valued $30-$50.

Check The Outer Packaging

  • Check the trademark. On the packaging box of the fake heaphones, the "TM" mark is often missing here or there (usually udner the "studio" word).
  • The images on the box are darker than the real ones. The quality of printing is apparently worse the the oringal item. And the position and size(the fake one is bigger in normal cases) would be different as well.
  • There may be missing sentences (such as sentences about the batteries and airline adapter) and/or spelling errors in the instructions on the side of the box. 

Check Inside

  • The qualities(color, brightness, positioning, etc.) of the "Quick Start Guide" are different.
  • Some paper documents included in the box of the real beats heaphones may be missing in that of fake ones.
  • The cleaing cloth may be different (size, color and material, etc).


Check The Headphone & Accessories

  • Check the quantity of the accessories contained in the Box.
  • In normal case, the materials used for the fake beats are cheaper than the real ones and they don't get the indestructible headband.
  • The feeling of touch will be different(however sometimes the fake ones are better lol).